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Like being out the back with your butties. Great diversity of guests and outstanding hosts.

BBQ wizards

I’m so pleased I stumbled upon this podcast. Dan and Owen give a great overview on the BBQ world, and the guests have all been great and brought something different.

BBQ up the next episode

Great fun from the lads giving good ideas on the way. Loving the BBQ Bingo

Witty Banter, 10/10

Informative as it is engaging and funny, Dan and Owen know how to host a great podcast which has got me tuning in every episode!!

BBQ Heaven

A great podcast with two guys who really enjoy their bbq’ing and some really good guests Look forward to hearing more podcasts and learning more about the different bbq techniques Keep going guys

Sizzling Podcast

Fired up for more episodes!

Feed me more

Looking forward to listening to more content