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Tara Quick

CEO and Co-founder

A foodie turned bbq charcoal, oven maker. After working in start-ups and building businesses for other people, Tara took the plunge into building her own business. It all started with a passion for food and a desire to make the perfect loaf of sourdough bread. Tara discovered charcoal ovens used in professional kitchens. These ovens were amazing, and the flavours you could achieve for all types of food was amazing. There was a but, and that was the way the looked. They weren't designed for home use. So Tara worked with a steel engineering firm she previously worked with to build a crisp factory, she began developing an oven that not only cooked amazing food in a way even the least experienced home cook could manage but looked like a beautiful garden design feature. The Charlie Oven was launched at Meatopia and Sizzlefest in September 2021. Tara works alongside two partners, Neil and Glenny, who come from an advertising background. Their job is to bring the brand to life while Tara focuses on building the business.

Charlie Oven comes in two grades, one for the home market and one for the commercial kitchen market. Both are engineered to last, made in Britain with premium steel and insulation.

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