Aug. 3, 2022

Socal BBQ Shop - Summer Special

Episode 2 of our Summer Special Series - We talk with Charles the owner of Socal BBQ Shop about how the family business became a bbq specialist. Find out how Charles keeps on top of trends.  We talk bout the upcoming Sizzlefest and what to look forward too!

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Charles RamseyerProfile Photo

Charles Ramseyer


I’ve always loved BBQ, it’s not just about the food but also the social element bringing people together. Our business started over 30 years ago as a gas cylinder distribution business. The majority of the trade was Winter based so we needed a reverse season product range and the BBQ Shop was born. Lockdown literally changed the game bring us in touch with so many like minded people through Social media and I took the decision to put more focus on growing the product range . With help and support we’ve added a part time BBQ cooking school, we run weekly demos at weekends and even launch a BBQ last Sept. We’ve had such amazing support and help from across the community to make this all happen. I really couldn’t have done it without this. We have lots more exciting ideas and I didn’t even mention our pilgrimage to Texas last Jan! So much to talk about including my American Grandfather who inspired me at an early age!